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Previous Patterns


The Previous Patterns Section is where all of your created patterns are stored in Bookami®. The Previous Pattern section is accessed from the Home Screen.



When you click into the previous patterns, the following screen is displayed.



You can now view the details of each pattern you have created including the folding method, number of pages, height, when it was created and the options you chose when creating the pattern. It will also display a flag to show if you have manually edited measurements.


You can now change the name of your pattern by simply clicking in the title box…then type!


Over on the right hand side are your action buttons. See below for a description of each.


Each pattern has the following Options:

Preview – access the Preview window for this Pattern.

Create PDF – this generates the PDF of your pattern including all measurements required to create the pattern. You choose the location of where to save your PDF and the PDF is generated.

Completed Photo – once you have folded your pattern, take a photo and add it here. If you have the relevant option set in Bookami® Settings, when you next generate your PDF it will display a photo of your completed pattern instead of a silhouette.

Edit Pattern – use this to regenerate your pattern using a different number of pages, a different book height etc. Important note, if you have manually changed any measurements on your pattern, editing and regenerating will remove these manual edits. You are warned of this in the software if the scenario arises.

Measurements – this button will display all of your measurements on screen. Within this screen you are able to manually edit any measurements in the pattern. This is useful if you fold your design and notice an odd point, you can return here and change the measurement manually to your liking. Within the measurements screen you may notice measurements that are highlighted in red. This indicates duplicate measurements.

Duplicate measurements can appear on any pattern other than standard MMF patterns. It is particularly common on intricate designs.

The Bookami® software mathematically rounds all measurements to one decimal place, otherwise it would be almost impossible to measure and mark the points. This can cause an issue on intricate designs. If the software found a measurement at 12.42 and another at 12.44, both would be rounded to 12.4. We highlight these duplicate measurements in red so you can spot them and action them. We leave it up to the designer on what to do with this. Most designers increase the second duplicated measurement by 1mm. So in the example given above your two measurements would become 12.4 and 12.5.


Delete – clicking this will permanently delete the pattern from Bookami – it does not remove the silhouette from the silhouette library, just this one generated pattern and the associated PDF.



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