Navigating and Using Bookami®\New Pattern

New Pattern


The New Pattern Screen is the main part of Bookami®. From this screen you create your book folding patterns. The New Pattern Screen is accessed from the Home Screen.



You will find some Common Icons in the header section of the screen


The New Pattern section currently offers 4 options:

·         Measure, Mark & Fold (MMF)

·         Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold (MMCF)

·         Shadow, Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold (SMMCF)

·         Combi Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold (CMMCF)


Click the button for the type of book folding pattern you would like to create. Each type of book folding pattern/method is described in more detail in this help manual. Click the links above to access each section for more details.


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