Bookami® Installation and Setup\Installing Bookami® on Windows

Installing Bookami® on Windows


Download the .exe installer file from your online Bookami® account or from a link provided to you by Bookami®. (Please note that the .exe file name changes based on the version number of Bookami® being installed. Your .exe file and installer may differ from the names given below).

Double click the .exe file to launch the installer.

Click ‘Next’ then read and accept the license agreement, followed by ‘Next’.

Tick (or untick) to select if you would like a desktop icon for the Bookami® application, followed by ‘Next’.

Now click on ‘Install’

The installer will download the relevant Bookami® files for your PC.

Once complete, click Finish. Bookami® has successfully installed on your PC.

If you opted to have a Desktop icon, you will find Bookami® on your desktop, if not, access it from your Start Menu



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