Navigating and Using Bookami®\Home



The Bookami® Home Screen is where you will land each time you open Bookami®. It is extremely simple and self-explanatory.

You will find some Common Icons in the header section of the screen


You are then presented with 4 icons


Silhouette Library

This will take you to the Bookami® Silhouette Library. This is where you store all of the silhouette images that you have added to Bookami® in preparation of making Book Folding Pattern with them.

Before a pattern can be created you need to add a silhouette for the pattern. This can be added directly to the silhouette library or, later when you are in the process of creating a pattern you have the option of adding an image to the library.


New Pattern Screen

This will start the process of creating a new book folding pattern. Several options will be presented to you during the process of creating a new pattern. Please read the New Pattern Screen section for full details.


Previous Patterns Screen

In your Previous Patterns Screen, you will find all of the patterns you have created using your Bookami® software. Any pattern you create in Bookami® is stored right within the software so you have easy access to these patterns.


Start Page Calculator

The Start Page Calculator will help you decide where in a book to start folding a pattern. This is only applicable if you wish to fold a pattern into a book that is bigger than the pattern requires



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