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Error Messages


If you receive an error message when using the Bookami® Book Folding Software, please read below for details.

If this does not answer your query, please log a support ticket at


Invalid Activation Code

Activation codes issued by Bookami® always work – it is impossible for an incorrect code to be issued.

Please ensure you have entered your email address exactly as it was supplied in your activation request. Please also double check the serial number was provided correctly to us.


Invalid Registration after Restore

When restoring from a backup you should never see this message. However, if you have had to change computers and are restoring from a backup from a previous computer you will receive this error message once the restore is complete. This is due to the activation only being valid in the computer from where you activated.

To receive a new activation code for your new computer, please log a support ticket at Please note that when a new activation code is issued, the original activation code is blocked and you will no longer be able to use Bookami® on the old computer.



If you receive this message the software will close down. This is due to you trying to access a banned version of the Bookami® Book Folding Software. There are a few reasons why an activation could be banned, if you think this is an error and your activation should not be banned, please log a support ticket at In the majority of cases we expect that you will be aware of why the activation has been blocked, for example, you have requested a new code for a new computer.


A previous version of Bookami® could not be found

This error will appear when you have selected to upgrade during initial setup but a previous version of Bookami® could not be found on your computer.

You should only use ‘Upgrade’ when you are setting up a new, updated version of Bookami®. If you are setting up for the first time you should choose ‘New User’. If you are reinstalling and have a backup to restore from you should choose the ‘Restoring from a Backup’ option.


Not enough white space

This is one of the more common error messages. When generating a Book Folding pattern, you could be informed that you need more white space at the top or the bottom of your image.

The error is displayed as having black too close to the top or bottom of an image will generate impossible measurements. You always need to leave at least a small amount of white space at the top and bottom of your silhouette.

If you receive this message you need to use your favourite image editing software to edit your silhouette image before using it in Bookami®. Please note that this process is out of scope for Bookami® help as the issue is not with your Bookami® software, you need to deal with this in your image editing software.


Unable to type in the box when activating

This error message will appear when Bookami® has not been correctly installed or there are permission issues with the install. The resolution for this is different depending on whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac. Please see both resolutions below.

Windows PC Fix:

This issue on Windows is related to user permissions on your PC.
Please close down Bookami and then follow the below instructions to fix this issue

1) Go To C Drive
2) Go To ProgramData
3) Go to Bookami
4) Go to v2_0_2
5) Right click on the file “Book Folding Software.bka” and select Properties
6) Click on the security Tab
7) Click Edit
8) Click Add
9) Type Everyone and click OK
10) Click on Everyone and tick the boxes at the bottom to allow Modify/Read & Execute/Read/Write
11) Click OK
12) Click OK
13) Repeat from point 5 for the file “Bookami.exe” 

This will resolve the issue and you will now be able to enter your email address and activation code.

Mac OS Fix:

This issue occurs when Bookami® has not been installed on the Mac correctly. It occurs when Bookami® is instead being run from the installer.

Please close down Bookami® and then follow the below instructions to fix this issue.

Please note, the version number you see may differ from the following screenshots.

1) Locate the DMG installer file that was downloaded and double click it


2) This will do two things. Firstly it will create a new Bookami volume on the desktop. Secondly it will open the installer window.



3) Do not double click the Bookami icon. Instead, follow the instructions in the window by dragging the Bookami icon to the Applications icon in this window. This will install Bookami on your Mac, you will see a progress bar appear


4) If you go to the Mac 'Launchpad', you should see that Bookami is now installed


5) Go back to the desktop to clean up as follows...

6) You can eject the Bookami volume


7) And delete the DMG installer file


8) To run Bookami, please open it from the Mac 'Launchpad'

This will resolve the issue and you will now be able to enter your email address and activation code.


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