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Combi Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold


A Combi Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold Pattern allows you to create extremely intricate book folding patterns.

Instead of just folding a top and a bottom fold, you cut into each page of the book at the given measurements to create tabs at the edge of the page. You then complete several folds per page by folding the tabs you have created by cutting. This allows for a much more defined fold using less pages than a standard MMF pattern.

A Combi Mark, Measure Fold Pattern is a combination of a basic Measure, Mark & Fold Pattern and a standard Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold pattern.

The first and last measurements of each page are folded in the same way as a standard MMF pattern. The measurements in between are cut in the same was as a MMCF pattern.

Scroll to select your silhouette image on the left, or type in the filter box to find the silhouette required from your silhouette library.


If you have not yet added your silhouette to the library, you can click to add a new silhouette from this screen.


Click to select your silhouette and click the Use Selected Image Button – this will transfer it over to the window on the right.

Click CREATE PATTERN and enter your pattern information.


Bookami® will now analyse your details to create the measurements for your pattern.

During this process it will remove any transparency from the silhouette and try to make any off-black sections to a full black colour.


If your silhouette fits into the book details you entered, you will be taken directly to the Preview Window to view your pattern.

If the Bookami® software knows it can optimise your image, you will be taken to the Optimise Image Screen.


If you receive any error messages during pattern creation, please see the help Section on Error Messages for help and advice.



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