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Bookami® Optimisation


Bookami® optimisation is a feature added in later versions of the software. It is designed to make optimum use of the books you use to create your book folds.

When creating a pattern, the software scans the silhouettes you provide against the book size you have entered.

If the software finds unused pages at the start or end of your book, you will be asked if you want to optimise during the pattern creation process. Unused pages are only found if you have white space on the left or right sides of your silhouette. Optimising will ensure that white space is ignored whilst still maintaining and improving, the definition of your image. This will ensure that all pages in the book are used for folding.



At this point, you can of course say No, you do not wish to optimise. This will not affect your pattern and will leave the white space (and unused pages) at the start and/or end of your book.

If you choose, ‘Yes’, you do want to optimise, then the magic will start to happen!

Please note that optimisation is an intricate process. It has to remove white space then optimise and improve the definition of the pattern (it is not simply eradicating white space as this would have a detrimental effect on the definition of the pattern). For this reason, the optimisation process may have to go through more than 1 cycle of optimising your image and pattern. You will be informed along the way of progress. The box will show “This message may appear more than once” so you may see this process start over a few times until it find the best definition for your pattern.

White space at the top and bottom of your image is never touched, it is up to you, as the designer, on how much space you want to leave at the top and bottom of the image to choose where in the book the pattern sits.


Optimisation removal:


Once optimisation is complete, you will be taken directly to the Preview Window to view your pattern.



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